Collinite Color-Up Cleaner - 16 oz.

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Removes light paint contamination

Promotes the bond of waxes and sealants

Removes oxidation, scuffs, discoloration, brake dust, and more

Can be used by hand or machine

Clean it with Collinite!

Collinite Color-Up Cleaner provides an economical solution to paint cleaning. Developed to remove a variety of paint issues such as mild oxidation, scuffs, discoloration, brake dust, oil, grease, tar, bugs, and more, Collinite Color-Up Cleaner is safe to use on both single stage and clear coat paints, and can be used by hand or machine. Collinite Color-Up Cleaner will brighten the surface while also creating a cleaner surface to improve the bond of waxes and sealants.

CLEANS! Cleanses paint from a variety of contaminants
As a light duty compound Collinite Color-Up Cleaner has the ability to deep clean paint and remove more stubborn contaminants that won’t come off in a traditional wash. Tar, oil, grease, brake dust; all are harmful to the paint and will ultimately reduce the luster your paint has.

PREPARES! Preps the surface for the layer of protection!
While the main focal point of Collinite Color-Up Cleaner is its cleaning ability to clean, a pleasant byproduct of that action is the environment it creates. Collinite Color-Up Cleaner leaves an improved surface that waxes and sealants can bond to. By improving this bonding point, you can see higher levels of gloss and longer lifespans of your favorite protectant!

EASY TO USE! Can be used by hand or machine!
Collinite Color-Up Cleaner was designed to be an easy and effective solution for everyone. Not everyone has a machine polisher, but everyone can have cleaner paint. The powerful cleaning abilities of Collinite Color-Up Cleaner can be used by hand or machine and contains no waxes or silicones, making it perfect for shop use!

16 oz.

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