Cobra Gold Dual-er Two-Pile Microfiber Towel - 16" x 16"

Item Description:

Dual pile for multiple applications

Light 320 GSM is easy to work on body panels

Edgeless design for increased safety when contacting paint

Perfect for spray waxes, quick detailers, waterless washes, and more!

Dual pile – double the softness!

The Cobra Gold Dual-er Two Pile Microfiber Towel provides more enjoyment for application of more products! The Cobra Gold Dual-er is ideal for application of spray waxes, quick detailers, and even waterless washes. One side of the Cobra Gold Dual-er is a high pile which is perfect for gentle bugging and easy absorption. The shorter pile of the Cobra Gold Dual-er effectively removes waxes and sealants along with any miscellaneous cleaning. This light 320 GSM towel is soft to the touch and features and edgeless design to provide the safest touch, every time.