Speedy Surface Prep Towel

Speedy Surface Prep TowelSpeedy Surface Prep Towels make cleaning and decontaminating your paint fast, fun, and easy. Detailers and enthusiasts know that the secret to creating a flawless shine is starting with clean, well-prepared paint. Until recently, the only option was to use bars of detailing clay and rub them across the paint. Now you can get the same paint cleaning performance with Speedy Surface Prep Towels.

Speedy Surface Prep Towels are available in two grades to suite your detailing needs. The standard, fine grade towel has a light gray appearance and is perfect for removing the contaminants that stick to your paint during day-to-day driving, or when working on scratch prone paints. The medium grade blue towel removes heavy contamination quickly, removing overspray and cleaning neglected paints. Both work fast!

An advanced polymerized rubber coating is applied to one side of the towel. This rubber coating simulates the action of detailing clay, but with several benefits. You can wash and reuse the towel as needed. If you drop it on the ground, simply rinse it off. Many users have reported cleaning more than 100 cars with a single towel, only cleaning it between uses. The Speedy Surface Prep Towel's design makes cleaning and decontaminating your paint easy because it works so quickly. It is powerful paint decontamination in the convenience of a towel.