Dodo Juice Obi Dan Karnubi Chocwork Orange Wax 100 ml.

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May the force of brilliant paint be with you!

Hand-crafted, high-quality carnauba wax

Designed for enthusiasts by an enthusiasts

Distributed by Dodo Juice's Independent Wax Label

With a name like Obi Dan Karnubi Chocwork Orange Wax, the wax inside doesn't even have to be good. Luckily for you, it is excellent! Obi Dan Karnubi Chocwork Orange Wax is hand crafted in small batches, for enthusiasts by an enthusiast simply known as Obi Dan Karnubi. One application of this wax will convince you that the force is strong in this formula as it beads water relentlessly and shields the paint from harmful environmental pollutants.

This wax was created by mysterious figure known as Obi Dan Karnubi by the detailing fanatics in England. Some say he lives in a cave in the desert, using mystical powers to craft waxes and defeat stormtroopers. While some truth may exist to these rumors, we do know that Obi Dan Karnubi has crafted an exceptional wax that imparts a brilliant, warm carnauba-glow on all paint colors. We also know that Obi Dan has a penchant for great movies.

Obi Dan Karnubi Chocwork Orange Wax is a traditional, hand-made carnauba wax that will provide relentless water beading whilst shielding your paint from bug splatter damage, bird bombs, acid rain and airborne pollutants. Carnauba wax is also one of nature's best sun ray protectants. Paint that is frequently treated with Obi Dan Karnubi Chocwork Orange Wax will not only look great, but stay looking great for years to come. One application typically lasts 3 months.

Obi Dan Karnubi Chocwork Orange Wax is an independent wax label distributed by Dodo Juice. This wax is manufactured in extremely limited quantities.

100 ml.
Made in the UK.

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