Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select High-Gloss Spray Sealant

Item Description:

Create a shine that is as intense as it is easy-to-use!

Looks deep and reflective on all colors.

Instant bond time makes application fast.

Cleans light dust, finger prints, and smudges easily.

When selecting to design a new sprayable sealant and hybrid gloss enhancer spray detailer Chemical Guys decided to work from the ground up. They wanted something that was unthinkable, a product that would vanish into the finish instantly. A durable sealant that would disappear into the surface in a single wipe delivering long lasting superior optical-clarity and a high-shine slick finish. Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant & Detailer has undergone extensive testing to deliver a superior high gloss, wet shine and deep, reflective finish that takes any surface, wax or base sealant to the next level. Hybrid V7 works at a nano-spec level and bonds to surfaces instantly while its hybrid fast-flash technology virtually disappears into your finish. It leaves behind a durable streak-free high gloss, slick, non-stick finish.

Hybrid V7 Spray Sealant can be used to clean and protect virtually any surface including paint, headlight lenses and wheels!


Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant & Detailer was three years in the making. Chemical Guys asked their long time friends and customers to test over 53 different formulations in an effort to create a product unlike any other. They shipped samples all over the world from Thailand and China to the UK and even Romania. What Chemical Guys got back was nothing short of amazing, out of 53 different samples that went out to over 300 different testers, virtually everyone came back raving and ranting about the same sample #23771-V7. That sample evolved into Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant & Detailer.

16 ounces.

This product cannot ship internationally.

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By Ted
Debary, Florida
works great
January 31, 2019
I used this product on my gun metal colored Rogue suv . It was very easy to apply and I could see a significant difference in the shine right away. It rained about a week after the application and the water was beaded up nicely.
Works great and about a third of the price of some of the other spray on polishes. Have not found any cons yet at this time.
By Frank
naperville, IL
Best for Quick Touch-Ups
January 26, 2019
I have found Chemical Guys Optical Sealant to be outstanding for those quick touch-ups between waxing. It's super easy to use and does a fantastic job. Not only does it provide a deep shine but also helps extend the time period between the need to re-wax. It only takes a few minutes to use so I use it after every other wash and have been very happy with the results.
By Heather
Spray sealant
January 10, 2019
Chemical Guys V7 spray sealant. Slick, flashes nicely, doesn't smear, smells great. I use a variety of spray sealants and I always keep coming back to V7.
By Midnightdriver2
Canton, ga
Best detailer/sealer available!
July 15, 2018
Have been using Chemical Guys Hybrid Optical V7 for a couple of years now on my daily drivers as well as show cars. It is an excellent product. Goes on easily, flashes quickly, but not so fast that you can't wipe it down effectively. I typically use it after each wash and in-between for quick details as needed. It adds a slick finish, bright shine and protection to your existing sealant (wax or polymer). It's by far one of the easiest to use detail sprays out there and provides extra protection at the same time. Try it-you won't be disappointed!
By Nicholas
Lynchburg, VA
Go to spray
February 10, 2017
Great finishing touch and quick detailer. Awesome clay lube and headlight restoration aid
Easy removal with no residue
By Steve
Lebanon, PA
Chemical guys Hybrid V7
September 28, 2016
Great product, does exactly what it is made for. Awesome shine!
By Mary
Burnsville, MN
Put your sunglasses on!
November 28, 2015
Used this after a spray & wipe product. Awesome! Easy on, easy off, smells great and the shine is awesome! Slick too.
Simple way to apply, easy enough to do often. Price
By Jacob
Portage, MI
Wish I could give it 6 stars
October 9, 2015
V07 Spray Sealant is nuts. It smells amazing, super easy to use, and it DOES add gloss! I have applied this on top of Jetseal, on top of Collinite 476s, and on and on. It really does bring out depth and color like nothing I have used before. Chemical Guys nailed this one on the head.
Smells great Easy to use WOWO product Slick Adds gloss Adds depth Absolutely none
By Chris
Great QD, not a true sealant. Will mute prior LSP's.
September 4, 2014
Here's the deal, this is a QD not a sealant. It doesn't last long at all, and it has a tendency to mute beading off LSP's. Don't know why but lots of folks note this. However, it's a great product, cleans well, and really amps up the gloss. Just puzzling why it mutes beating. Works great over coatings to add some gloss and slickness won't hurt beading on a coating, coatings are too durable.
Smell, price Kills beading on some LSPs.
By kevin
burnsville, mn
hybred v7
July 21, 2014
I have tried v7 on all kinds of stuff, from my dash to my motorcycle to my wifes peddle bike, its an amazing product and I could not be happier with it
By Russell
Myrtle Beach,S.C.
Good Product
July 19, 2013
I use the Klasse products including Sonus glaze after each wash .I saw the video on this sealant and gave it a try. I first applied their butter wax and then the V7. It is very easy to use; easy on/ off. The gloss was the same as the Sonus but the slick/slippery feel of the Sonus wasn't there a day after the detailing. Good product, but I will stay with the Sonus.
Very, very easy to use, especially on rims..
By Craig
New York
Excellent product
July 4, 2013
I use this product every time I come back from any length trip. It goes on easy and wipes off easy, leaving an unbelievable shine.The color of my car is Arancio Argos and this products gives this color a deep luster. Looks like an orange mirror. Don't waste you money on anything else. If I trust it on my car, then most of the public should as well. If you want to know what kind of car I have, just google the color and see what make has it.

Ease of use No dislikes
By Drvalu
I want a creamsicle.....
November 26, 2012
Excellent sealant in a spray formula. that provides an extra layer of protection. Used in combination with Natty's Blue carnauba wax and my cars look stunning. Easy on and off with a good medium napped microfiber towel and you're done. Plus the orange smell is great. Now, can I have that creamsicle?
Easy to apply, brings out the pearl in paint, no smearing whatsoever.
By Jim
Owasso, OK
Great on white!
October 21, 2012
If you want a bright crisp shine on a white or light color car this is it! I have never been able to achieve such a bright crisp shine on my white Ford truck until using Chemical Guys V-7. I have tried numerous products and this out shines them all. I stripped everything off the truck with Chemical Guys Citrus wash and then went straight to the V-7. Wipe it on and that's it. Don't know if it layers or not but I put on two coats anyway. Too early to tell about durability but I will be using this as a detail spray after washes anyway. What I am after is SHINE! . In the 128 oz size it is just as cost effective as some other detail sprays or spray waxes.
THE SHINE!! Ease of application Best I've found, so far,for white or light colors unless you want a nuba shine. The bottle or web sites do not say if it layers or not. I'll have to call?