Chemical Guys Project J97 Paste Wax

Chemical Guys Project J97 Paste WaxDiscontinued

Project j97™ was designed, customized, and formulated for a close friend and automotive enthusiast in Japan; Mr. Miyazaki. His passion for automotive design combined with his history and background in engineering made this car collector an ideal fit for a product like Project J97™.

“Cars are like toys. Life may possibly go on without them, but if it did, it simply just wouldn’t be the same.”

-Mr. Miyazaki

To car enthusiasts, collectors, professional drivers or passionate detailers, it is clear that anything worth doing is worth doing right and in complete excess.

If you are going to drive a car, drive it fast, and make it scream…let’s see what it’s got. Punch the gas pedal to the floor so you can feel its heartbeat as you race in and out of the canyons. Remember if you don’t live for the now, you’re not living.

Designed out of pure passion, Project J97™ is the perfect fusion of design & performance. A professional motorcycle racer at heart, the designer sculpted the case to resemble a motorcycle clutch box cover modeled after the cover on his favorite race bike, the symmetrical design of the box is designed perfectly to house the detailer’s fingers anchoring a firm grip on the Project J97 jar. The face of the jar houses 4 aircraft bolts that unlock the Project j97™ canister.

On the front, numerous lines machined out of a solid aluminum block symbolize the many roads of life. The polished Chemical Guys Skull logo grinning on the front gives way to the lifestyle that is Chemical Guys. Much like the worldwide family of Chemical Guys detailers around the world, Project J97™ is fueled by passion.

Among the protective ingredients in Project J97™ is a blend of rare oils acquired from around the world. Project j97 contains up to 64 percent Grade “A” Brazilian #1 White Carnauba by volume. Enriched by a custom formulated proprietary blend of natural waxes and combined with a durable airspace sealant to extended durability Project J97™ is truly a work of art.

Developed for longevity, depth, and clarity, Chemical Guys latest Paste Wax code-name Project J97™ is 100% manufactured in the USA.

The know-how of this very rare paste wax is founded in the Aerospace-Industry and makes this wax outstanding in High Performance applications. The most refined raw ingredients make for an absolutely stunning shine like no other.

Project J97™ is all about perfectionism, inside and out.

8.7 oz.

This product cannot ship internationally.