CARPRO WheelsMitt

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2-sided design to vary agitation.

Coarse fiber side provides stronger agitation power

Soft side provides a delicate touch that easily removes dirt

Allows your hand to conform to the wheel for maximum surface contactc

Redefine wheel washing with the WheelsMitt!

The CARPRO WheelsMitt unlocks wheel cleaning potential in a whole new way. The CARPRO WheelsMitt provides you with the ability to allow your hand to conform to the shape of the wheel and increase the surface contact area. Not only will this speed up the cleaning process, it will also allow you to ensure your wheels are fully cleaned. CARPRO WheelsMitt doesn’t rely on stout bristles that fling product and are overly harsh on the surface. CARPRO WheelsMitt uses a double-sided design to vary the agitation as needed. On one side you have stout, robust fibers that work to remove heavy deposits of contamination and road grime. On the other side you have a softer fiber nap that gently washes and lifts dirt from the surface.

The CARPRO WheelsMitt delivers more features than any other wheel washing tool and is a must have for any detailer!

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