CARPRO Flash Spot Repair Pad - 6.25 inch

Item Description:

Random spots will be cleared in a FLASH!

Designed for use with a DA polisher

For heavy defect removal in small areas

Constructed with super strong polyurethane foam

What happens when you get a random isolated deeper scratch (RIDS) or small scratch/mark on your paint, but you don’t want to polish the whole vehicle? You get a CARPRO Flash Spot Repair Pad, of course! Designed with “small spots” in mind, the CARPRO Flash Spot Repair Pad uses it’s dense foam to quickly remove defects in as little as 10 seconds. Measuring anywhere from just 3.5 inches to 6 1/4 inch, the CARPRO Flash Spot Repair Pad will have your tiny defects fixed in a flash!

CARPRO Flash Spot Repair Pad features:
• Beveled Edge – By keeping the edge of your backing plate farther back from the surface of the pad, your paint is not in danger of an accidental nicking from your polisher. The CARPRO Flash Spot Repair Pad is designed to REMOVE these random scratches – not create them!

• Polyurethane Foam – This super dense foam is unlike other foam pads you’ve used in the past. Designed to be heavy-cutting, the CARPRO Flash Spot Repair Pad works faster than other pads because of this unique design.

CARPRO Flash Spot Repair Pads are available in 3.5 inches, 5 1/8 inch and 6 1/4 inch.

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