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Keep Your CARPRO products at the ready!

The CQUARTZ Maintenance Kit is the perfect bundle of CARPRO products to give to your customer, friend, or family member. The CQUARTZ Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to care for you vehicle properly with premium products. Nestled inside a plush carrying case, you'll find some of CARPRO's best sellers. From the ever-popular Reset Maintenance Wash to popular cleaners such as Bug-Out Intensive Insect Remover and ECH2O Quick Detail Spray. The CQUARTZ Maintenance Kit even includes a few products to top off and protect! The combination of Reload and Perl will ensure your paint and plastics keep that freshly detailed look!

This Kit Includes:

CQUARTZ Maintenance Bag
The CQUARTZ Maintenance Bag is the best way any CARPRO fan can keep favorite products easily accessible. The CQUARTZ Maintenance Bag is designed to perfectly fit 8 CARPRO products. The soft sides of the bag and padded insert ensure that the contents of the bag are safe, regardless of how bumpy the ride may get.

CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo
CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo is a powerful, high-foaming car soap designed to work with nanotechnology paint sealants and coatings. The cleaning action of CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo has been carefully tailored to meet their cleaning needs. CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo quickly breaks dirt, road grime and scummy film, while maintaining the gentle surface care of a pH-neutral shampoo.

CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Quick Detail Spray
ECH2O is an entirely new waterless cleanser and gloss-enhancer built on 2 years of research and development by CARPRO Chemicals! ECH2O was designed to work in harmony with ceramic coatings and even provides easy cleaning of non-coated or waxed surfaces! Based on a SiO2 hybrid framework and an eco-friendly organic lubricant solution, ECH2O safely cleans and glosses a variety of exterior vehicle surfaces with ease! Paint and chrome take on an entirely new level of gloss and reflection with this incredible formula and better yet it is easy to use even in extreme heat and direct sun on painted surfaces!

CARPRO Bug-Out Insect Remover
CARPRO Bug-Out is the solution for the most noticeable issue to nearly every car owner around the world! A major issue for automotive enthusiasts… BUGS and their remains after they flounder into the front of your car! In heavily infested areas or at night, your front end can become victims just as easily as the bug itself! The bug excretes a concentrated protein enzyme across the impact zone causing permanent damage to a variety of surfaces if left for too long. Additionally, some bugs have hard shells that can be unsafe to wipe without first softening their shelled bodies.

CARPRO Reload Spray Sealant
Reload Spray Sealant is a powerful paint sealant trapped inside a spray bottle!. Reload is made of a water base plus special modified Silica - the same compound found in glass. This special silica provides Reload its fantastic light-reflecting properties and a slick shine. Water is repelled instantly and dust and pollen can't adhere to the paint surface. Reload Spray Sealant forms a significant layer of its special nano coating. In fact, a Reload coating helps prevent fine scratches on paintwork. It can also be used on rubber, plastic, and glass.

CARPRO PERL Coat Plastic & Rubber Protectant
PERL Coat is water-based silicon oxide, solvent-free, hydrophobic, and provides great satin shine and revives faded plastic, engine, rubber, and leather surfaces. While it can easily spray, it has great cling to keep it on the surface. It lasts up to 3 months. PERL Coat has no chemical solvents, which can cause damage to tires. PERL Coat contains a high degree of UV protection to keep the surface from yellowing, cracking and fading as a result of sun damage. PERL Coat will stop leather from cracking and prevent dirt and stains from penetrating the surface. Treated surfaces require less cleaning and will remain in like-new condition. PERL Coat restores the original finish to vinyl, rubber, plastic, acrylic, and leather.

CARPRO BOA Orange Edgeless Towel
The CARPRO BOA Orange Edgeless Towel is the plush, multi-purpose towel that you have been missing. Ideal for use with wax, sealant, coating, and polish removal, the CARPRO BOA Orange Edgeless Towel is designed to enhance the experience of each of these processes. Featuring an 70/30 blend of fibers and a light weight of just 350GSM, this larger towel will provides a snappy and safe interaction with all paint types.

This Kit Includeds:

  • CQUARTZ Maintenance Bag
  • CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo - 4 oz.
  • CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Quick Detail Spray - 4 oz.
  • CARPRO Bug-Out Insect Remover - 4 oz.
  • CARPRO Reload Spray Sealant - 4 oz.
  • CARPRO BOA Orange Edgeless Towel - 16 x 24
  • 2 QTY. Spray Bottles for Mixing - 4 oz.
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