CarPro Bug-Out - Product Use Guide

CarPro Bug-Out - Product Use GuideProduct Application Guide: CARPRO Bug-out
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 5-29-19

Don't love bugs? Neither do we! In today's article we're going to break down the proper removal of bugs and why it's vital to remove them as soon as possible.

Product Application

Bugs may not be something you like but they are a vital part of our ecosystem, and they aren’t going away either! Bug remains unfortunately are more than just a nuisance that you have to clean off, they can cause irreparable damage to your paint if not removed in a timely manner!

Bug removal is simple when you have the right products for the job!
For today’s challenge we have a Hyundai Accent that braved some highway miles in the heat of love bug season. To tackle this challenge we’ll be using the CarPro Bug-Out. CarPro Bug-Out is an intensive insect remover that quickly and effectively dissolves bug remains and the enzymes leftover from our dearly departed friends.

CarPro Bug-Out is not only clear coat safe, it’s safe for paint protection films, glass, plastic, metals, and more!

To use CarPro Bug-Out, start be giving it a thorough shake. This ensures the active ingredients haven’t separated and it will be as effective as it was made to be. Spray a generous amount of the product directly onto the contamination, allowing it to dwell for 5 – 30 seconds. Do not leave it on the surface for more than five minutes, and of course, make sure you are working on a cool surface.

Try to avoid working in direct sunlight if possible. If needed, work in smaller more controlled areas to avoid the product drying on the surface.

Now we need to get them off our paint! Here is where the situation will control the tool needed for the job. When it comes to bug removal timing is everything, the faster we remove them, the easier it will be. In this scenario, we may have to get more aggressive. We’ll start by using a microfiber mesh weave towel. This removed about 75% of the contamination.
Unfortunately, we’ll need to work a little harder to get this car bug free. This is why timing is so crucial to bug removal. Engine heat and sunlight cook this contamination right onto your paint, so yes, you absolutely want to remove them as fast as possible! For more stubborn contamination, reapply and use a tool like the Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad
To finish this task off, we’ll need to rinse off the vehicle with a strong jet of water. It’s also recommended to remove any remaining residue using a traditional wash or a waterless wash. Depending on what your LSP is, you’ll want to apply a fresh layer. This way you know you have plenty of protection for the contamination on the road ahead!

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