Carpet Protector Film

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Part of being a pro is looking the part!

Protects interior carpets from detail shop contamination

Adhesive film stays where itís applied

200 ft. of 24 inch protective film

Have you ever finished a detail and hopped into the driverís seat to bring it around to your customer, only to find out that youíve tracked some mud in and itís now all over the carpet? Or if not mud, something more sinister like oil or dog feces. If this has ever happened to you, itís definitely time you picked up the Carpet Protector Film. Designed to provide a thin, non-descript barrier between your clientís (or your own!) carpet, the Carpet Protector Film uses an adhesive backing to remain in place without damaging the fabric underneath. Perfect for use in detail and body shops (or even to have on hand in your own car for rainy days!), the Carpet Protector Film provides a barrier against the stuff that can damage it the most.

Carpet Protector Film features:
• Protection Ė Simply put, the Carpet Protector Film protects. It protects the fabric underneath from being stained, it protects the hard work you just put in to make that fabric as clean as possible, and it protects you from having to start all over again! While thin enough that itís still discreet, the Carpet Protector Film is still strong enough to protect against dirt, dust, water, mud, oil, feces, and more!

• Adhesive Backing Ė Thanks to the strong adhesive backing, the Carpet Protector Film wonít slip around while itís being used Ė nor will it curl up or slide, leaving precious fabric exposed. Keep the outside OUT and OFF of your interior carpets with the Carpet Protector Film!

Directions for use:
Roll out desired amount and tear off of the roll.
Remove adhesive backing and apply to area to be protected.
Apply to carpet, using adequate pressure to ensure itís fully adhered.
When itís purpose is complete, simply peel the Carpet Protector Film off and youíre ready to go!

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