Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass & Wheel Combo

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Coat your wheels and glass with Pinnacle!

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass & Wheel Combo includes:

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating
Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating encases your wheels in a crystal-like shell of glossy protection. Formulated for application on all wheel finishes including factory painted, polished aluminum, chrome, steel, anodized, and powder coated, this easy-to-apply, nano-glass coating imparts a bright and highly-reflective finish while making wheel cleaning easy and effortless. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating is temperature resistant and ideal for painted, polished or powder coated brake calipers as well.

In addition to the immense shine and protection afforded by Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating, it sheds brake dust and road film effortlessly. Aggressive braking systems can quickly coat your wheels in a layer of brake-dust soot. Left to sit for too long, brake dust will chemically react to the wheel's finish and damage it. Diamond Wheel Coating's crystal-like shell shields your wheels under a blanket of high-gloss protection. Nano-glass ceramic particles crystallize on the surface, creating an impenetrable shield that resists brake dust, road dirt and tar.

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating
Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating creates an optically clear layer of crystallized protection on your automobile's windshield and exterior glass. Diamond Glass Coating is super hydrophobic, meaning that water runs off quickly, so you no longer have to fear driving in the rain. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating also prevents road oil, film, grease and dirt from attaching to the glass, so your vision stays clear no matter what the road ahead has in store.

Each 4-ounce container of Pinnacle Black Label Glass Paint Coating will coat all of your exterior glass up to 15 times.. Built around the latest in self-crystallizing, nano-glass ceramic technology, a single application of Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating will last up to 18 months. Black Label Diamond Glass Coating is the ultimate in functional performance and long-lasting protection.

The idea of applying a glass-like coating to glass may seem strange at first. The crystallized, glass-like shell created by Black Label Diamond Glass Coating fills in the microscopic pits or pours that are inherent to glass, forming an ultra-smooth finish which improves optical clarity. This revolutionary coating has an extremely slick finish which is impenetrable to environmental contaminants and pollutants. Road oil and grease will slide off the glass and wipe away easily with regular cleaning. You will no longer struggle to see through road film. The hard, crystal-like shell is more resistant to rock chips and windshield wiper abrasion.

Combo includes:
Black Label Diamond Glass Coating, 4 oz.
Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating, 4 oz.

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By Rob
Too convenient to ignore
June 27, 2018
I'm not a coating guy, because car detailing is my hobby and I like to do it often. With that said, I don't enjoy protecting wheels and windows (and haven't met many that do). Naturally, I gave this combo a try and figured I would learn how to apply coatings on these smaller car parts. Both went on very easily, to my surprise. For a beginner like me, I can't imagine an easier coating to apply. As far as longevity, both the windows and the wheels are still beading water like the day I applied it in February. I will eventually try the coating booster on these, but currently I have no reason to as these seem to be lasting just fine.
  • Ease of application. Longevity so far. Water beading.
By rlmccarty2000
Fitzgerald, GA
My Favorites
August 1, 2016
These are easy on and super easy off. Just use a polish on both wheels and glass, then a wipe down with an IPA type solution and spray the coating on a foam applicator and wipe on, let it flash and wipe off, done! The glass coating gives me 6 months of protection and the wheel coating lasts about 9 months. You will save money on wheel cleaner. After applying just use soap and water for wheel cleanup, no need for expensive wheel cleaners.
  • Nothing sticks
  • Easy application
  • A little goes a long way
  • Initial cost (wait for a sale or buy the kit)