Canine Covers Travel Safe Harness

Canine Covers Travel Safe HarnessThe Canine Covers Travel Safe Harness is designed to keep your pet safer during travel. Featuring strong, durable material that exceeds SAE standards for even human seatbelts, this harness will stand up in the event of an accident. The travel safe harness not only protects our do in the event of an accident, it also protects you from being injured by your non-tethered pet.

Dogs have always enjoyed a good car ride, and since 2005, there has been a huge uptick in the number of people travelling with their companion animals. While typically this isnít cause for concern, when accidents occur, the results can be heartbreaking. Consider the fact that when your vehicle is travelling at 35 mile per hour and stops suddenly, your 60 pound dog becomes a 2,700 pound projectileóthatís scary for your dog, but also for you and your passengers that may be in the path of that projectile! If youíve never been in a serious crash with your pet on board, youíre luckyópets get just as shaken up as humans do in traumatic situations and they may act quite differently than they usually do, snarling at first responders, hindering rescue efforts, or running away and potentially causing another accident. The Canine Covers Travel Safe Harness helps you protect your pet from these disturbing hypotheticals by keeping him safely tethered to the vehicle.

Each Canine Covers Travel Safe Harness is design with our petís comfort and safety in mind. The harness keeps stress off of the animalís delicate neck, placing it instead on the chest. Each harness is equipped with two seatbelt opening on the tether, allowing you to give your dog more mobility, or to limit it (this feature works well with rambunctious travelers!). The Canine Covers Travel Safe Harness is designed to be so comfortable that you can leave it on your dog all day. When you make a pit stop, the tether makes a perfect short leash, but also features a metal D-ring loop for attaching a standard leash.
Available in blue or pink
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