Buff and Shine Uro-Tec Blue Foam Polish Pads - 1 inch -6 Pack

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Soft pad, strong results!

When you think of euro foam, you automatically think of Buff and Shine. They have put themselves at the forefront of top-quality pads. So, when they say that they came out with not one, but 2 different types of Uro pads (Uro-cell and Uro-Tec), you can rest assured they know what they are doing!

Although Buff and Shine's Uro-Tec pads work with virtually any polisher, they are typically favored by the detailing professionals that use long-throw or long-stroke DA polishers. The high quality, open cell foam is perfect for the heat that those polishers tend to create. The pads will also reduce the pad softening that some technicians have experienced during heavy usage with these types of machines.

While Buff and Shine's Uro-Tec is known fo the 4 different grades (colors) for basically every type of paint correction, there is one that seems to slip under the radar, until now! The Uro-Tec Blue Foam Polishing pad is made up of a softer foam compared to its bigger brother (which is used for compounding), giving it the ability to be used as a polishing pad. The 1-inch Soft Uro-Tec Blue Foam Polishing Pad is perfect to polish out those smaller areas with ease!

QTY: 6 Pack

Loop Diameter: 1.375 inch

Foam Thickness .750 inch

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