Reflection Artist Pad Kit - 6 inch

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All the pads a detailing artist needs!

Introducing the most dynamic pad kit Buff and Shine has to offer! The Reflection Artist Pad Kit! This kit comes with the most useful and powerful pads made by Buff and Shine. The custom designed pad combo was created from select pads in the Buff and Shine Uro pad line. When they come together, these pads create the all-in-one pad system you need in your detailing arsenal!

The Reflection Artist Pad kit includes:

Buff and Shine Grey Uro-Wool Blend Pad
Buff and Shine Grey Thick Uro-Wool Blend Pad is blended with 100% white wool in aggressiveness and enhanced with a proprietary wool blend. Buff and Shine Grey Thick Uro-Wool Blend Pad is designed to cut a better finish than a normal white Uro-Wool pad. Buff and Shine Grey Thick Uro-Wool Blend Pad can be used with all polishing machines, such as, simple rotary, dual-action, random orbit, long-throw, high-action and gear-driven.

Buff and Shine Uro-Fiber Pad
Buff and Shine Uro-Fiber Pads are designed to fully maximize the detailing potential already seen in microfiber pads. With a 25% lower pile than traditional microfiber pads, Buff and Shine Uro-Fiber Pads also feature a blend of two different microfiber grades into just one pad. These two features, never before seen in a microfiber pad, allow you to cut, polish and finish in just one step!

Buff and Shine Uro-tec Maroon Medium Cut Foam Pad
The dense foam construction of the Maroon Pad makes it perfect for use with one-step compounds and polishes. When the heavy-cutting ability of the Blue Pad is too much, use the Maroon Pad to create a flawless, haze-free finish. Follow with the White Pad to create a dazzling, show-car shine.

Buff and Shine Uro-Tec Dark Blue Medium Polishing Foam Pad
The closed cell foam construction of the Dark Blue Pad is ideal for use with a medium cut polish or a one-step/cleaner wax. Whether you are using it in conjunction with the other pads in Buff and Shine's “Reflection Artist" Line or are just looking for a versatile polishing pad, the Dark Blue pad will provide incredible results. Following this pad up with the Yellow Light Polishing Pad will give you the ability to finish even the softest paint out to a show-car shine!

Buff and Shine Yellow Light Polishing Foam Pad
Use the Yellow Pad with finishing polishes or, for darker colors, one-step polishing compounds. This soft, open-cell foam finishes as well as the White Pad on light colors and metallic finishes. The Yellow Pad will be a popular choice for detailers that frequently use one-step cleaner waxes.

QTY of Pads: 5

Pad face size: 7 inches

Pad backing size: 6 inches

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