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Boyd Coddington Detail Garage Products

Boyd Coddington Detail Garage Products Boyd Coddington Detail Garage is a detailing range borne of the legendary hot-rodding family that knows a thing or two about building and caring for vehicles. This incredible line of high-quality car care products has taken over 25 years to perfect, with its first incarnation, Boyd’s Ultra Violet, introduced to the public in 1995. The Boyd Coddington Detail Garage line represents years of constant research and development leading to the finest products for maintaining a prefect finish.

Each Boyd Coddington Detail Garage product—from Show Prep Shampoo to TruCoat Ceramic Coating—is carefully crafted in the USA using the most advanced techniques from around the world. Every product has been tested by the Coddington’s most trusted detailers multiple times to ensure the best formulas that provide the best results. The straightforward and effective Boyd Coddington Detail Garage range is the perfect product line for professional detailers and hobbyists alike!