The Bone Wash Sponge

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The Bone is a thick foam pad covered in fluffy, soft microfiber. Rather than
the dense loops found in our towels, this microfiber is open-ended to form millions of tiny fingers. The fingers gently agitate the surface of your vehicle to remove contaminants better than a smooth foam wash pad.

As The Bone agitates the surface of your vehicle, dirt moves into the soft microfiber fingers and safely away from paint. The plush sponge combined with a high lubricity car wash provide great protection against wash-induced swirls!

9 x 5 inches

Bone Wash Sponge Care

After each use, rinse The Bone and squeeze out the excess water. Allow to air dry. When it needs washing, use Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator Microfiber Detergent Concentrate. Air dry.
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