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6 Inch Black Finishing Pads are perfect for applying a finishing polish or glaze to a dark colored vehicle. 6 Inch Black Finishing Pads are designed to leave a flawless finish on finicky paint systems that would otherwise experience hazing from the Orange Foam Polishing Pad. 6 Inch Black Finishing Pads feature an open-cell foam that can be washed and reusable, along with a durable hook-and-loop backing material. Use with 6 inch backing plate on random orbital polishers.

Dark colors tend to be “softer” than lighter colors, making it difficult to achieve a flawless, haze-free finish. Put an end to micro-marring and DA haze on dark colors with 6 Inch Black Finishing Pads! These super-soft, dense foam pads will leave your paint with crystal clear reflections!

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