Original Packaging Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax - 30 ml.

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A gum drop sized pot of Dodo's eye candy!

No.1 grade carnauba wax blended with candelilla wax and beeswax.

Exceptional durability with a bright 'eye candy' shine.

Applies and removes with ease.

You can not have that candy gloss without Dodo Juice!

If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced wax for a wide array of color types, you’ve come to the right page. Dodo Juice Hard Candy utilizes T1 grade carnauba wax along with Mexican candelilla wax to create a uniquely harder wax. Dodo Juice Hard Candy applies more consistently and sparingly because of these attributes, making it nearly impossible to over apply! Another additional benefit of Dodo Juice Hard Candy is its ability to fill in and cover light to minor imperfections while still providing stellar hydrophobics and gloss. Dodo Juice Hard Candy has been a go-to for professionals and wax enthusiast for years, are you ready to find out why?

30 ml.

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