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Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner

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Item Description:

Natural cleaning power for all marine surfaces!

Eco-friendly cleaning on virtually all surfaces

Removes oil, grease, dirt, grime and more

Aerosol formula is easy to use

Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner uses natural citrus cleaners to power away oil, grease, grime and filth from any marine surface. This powerful aerosol quickly removes fish scale from non-skid boating surfaces, sun tan lotion stains from seats, and grease build up from engine covers. Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner is harbor-safe and eco-friendly.

Your boat not only has to put up with the harsh marine environment, it has to deal with passengers! Split food, bait, and lotion stains are just some of the ways that passengers soil your boat. Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner quickly and powerfully cleans whatever the environment, and humans, dish out. It is as easy as spraying on and wiping off!

Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner makes boat care easier by eliminating the need for multiple degreasers and surface cleaners. The powerful citrus cleaning action dissolves dirt, grease and oil quickly and safely. Whether its little Johnny’s peanut butter and jelly hand prints or rotten fish scale, Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner penetrates and lifts the offending grime off of the surface, leaving it sparkling clean.

Designed for boat enthusiasts, Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner is also a potent deodorizer. As it is sprayed, it attacks the source of foul smells, such as fish decay, mildew, mold, exhaust fumes and more. Like all Marine 31 products, All-Surface Citrus Cleaner is harbor-safe and eco-friendly.

  1. Shake well and ensure surface is cool to the touch.
  2. Hold can in upright position and spray product directly onto surface.
  3. Allow product to dwell for 5-10 seconds and wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  4. Heavily soiled surfaces may require a second application.
A Word From The Captain's Chair: Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner is a handy product that should be kept in arm's reach. This easy-to-use spray quickly lifts grease and filth off the surface, so your boat always looks clean. It even removes the foul smelling odors that can make boating a smelly proposition. Anchor's up!

19 oz. Aerosol

Made in USA

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air. This item is shipped by ground service only.

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Marine 31 All-Surface Citrus Cleaner
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