BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal Combo

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The BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal Combo provides all the tools you need to protect your wheels from corrosive brake dust, dirt, dust, road grime, mud, and more! And it's as simple as wiping it on and buffing it off! The non-abrasive formula of BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal does more than just “shine it up" – it also provides a long-lasting layer of BLACKFIRE's signature SiO2 silica protection. What does that mean for you? Less time cleaning and worrying about protection, and more time showing off your ride.

BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal Combo includes:

BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal is a chemically advanced protective sealant that will protect your wheels from harsh contamination such as brake dust, tree sap, tar, road salt, and road grime. BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal was developed without the use of abrasives, making it safe for nearly every type of wheel on the road today. Adding to it incredible protective value, BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal will fill in and cover some of the existing damage on your wheels! The patented formula of BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal contains Silica to provide superior longevity and protection!

3 qty. Black Fine Flex Foam Finger Pockets
When cleaning intricate wheel patterns or motorcycle components, most people resort to wrapping two or three fingers in a towel to reach into narrow spaces. Towels really aren't thick enough to offer your fingers any protection and they can slip off your hand. Flex Foam Finger Pockets are soft, dense foam pockets that fit over your fingers for easy and efficient cleaning. One pocket fits snugly over three or four fingers, depending on how large your hand is. You get the maneuverability of using your own hand as a cleaning tool along with the polishing capability of quality foam. Plus, your fingers are cushioned against potentially sharp edges while you work.

3 qty. Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel – 16 x 16 inches
The Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel pampers your vehicle with an ultra soft and thick microfiber blend. The unique blend of 75% polyester and 25% polyamide gives the towel a balance of softness and toughness to perform any detailing task. Buff paint, dust the interior, clean glass, and dry your vehicle.

Kit Includes:

  • BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal
  • 3 qty. Black Fine Flex Foam Finger Pockets
  • 3 qty. Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel – 16 x 16 inches
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