BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner - 128 oz.

Item Description:

BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner is a safe and effective glass cleaner that eliminates grimy film without leaving any streaks behind. Featuring powerful, yet tint-safe surfactants, this incredible formula has what it takes to annihilate annoying vision-impeding smudges and smears the first time! BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner creates crystal clear glass so you can see the road ahead!

Cleaning glass is perhaps the most underrated part of the detailing process. No one wants streaky glassóthatís not safe while drivingóyet no one really talks about how to achieve perfection. After all, itís not glamorous or even obvious to the typical observer like super shiny paint is. If itís your car, though, youíll notice every streak and smudge while you drive down the road. Thatís why it pays to have a safe and effective glass cleaning formula in your detailing arsenal. BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner is that cleaner!

BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner is completely ammonia-free, making it safe for your tinted windows, but donít let the fact that itís safe and gentle fool you! BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner eliminates streaks, dirt, smudges, and even the dreaded smokerís film that commonly plagues automobile glass. When youíve finished detailing your car right down to the crystal clear glass, bring your bottle of BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner inside and tackle the mirrors and glass around your house. Youíll be impressed with the effectiveness f BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner!

Directions for Use:
  1. For exterior glass, spray BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner directly onto the surface; for interior glass, spray onto a Waffle Weave Glass Towel for application. Try to apply evenly.
  2. Use a Waffle Weave Glass Towel to spread BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner over the surface.
  3. Flip your towel to a dry side, or use a second dry towel, to buff away any remaining glass cleaner and create a streak-free shine.

128 oz.

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