BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover - 32 oz.

Item Description:

Chemically breaks down hard water spots

Made without the use of acids and abrasives

Simple spray and buff application

Leaves a layer of polymer-based protection

Slay Water Spots with a spray!

BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover is formulated to chemically breakdown and remove mineral deposits that create water spots with minimal effort. Free of acids and abrasives, BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover safely removes mineral deposits and leaves a layer of hydrophobic protection behind.

Water spots constantly assault your paint every day. The deposits leftover from sprinkler systems and plain old rain can etch right through your protection. And if left long enough, right into your paint! While getting water spots may be inevitable, there is a better solution for their removal. BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover provides one of the safest solutions to removing water spots while also providing a layer of hydrophobic protection behind!


  • Water Spot Remover is recommended for the removal of fresh water-spots. Water Spot Remover should only be applied out of direct sunlight to dry paint that is cool to the touch.
  • Working one panel at a time, spray Water Spot Remover directly onto the surface of your car. Using a clean and dry microfiber towel, wipe Water Spot Remover off the surface. Continue around vehicle.

32 oz.

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