BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray - 32 oz.

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Formulated for the unique texture of matte paint

Cleans and enhanced matte surfaces

Leaves a layer of hydrophobic protection

Safe for matte paint, wheels, vinyl decals, and more!

Keep your matte flawlessly flat!

BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray was developed to keep all your matte surfaces clean, protected, and enhanced, without harming the unique texture surface. BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is a simple spray and buff solution for light dirt, dust, fingerprints, and other contamination that takes away from that fantastic flat look. BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is safe to use on virtually every matte surface. Use BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray on everything from paint, wheels, vinyl decals and much more!

CLEANS! Spray and wipe that all it takes to remove light to moderate contamination from your matte surface
BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray solves the issues of a light cleaning without requiring you to break out the wash system. Most detail sprays contain gloss enhancers that would impair the finishing of your matte surface. Since BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray was developed specifically for sensitive matte finishes, you can wipe without worry!

PROTECTS! BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray keeps your paint looking flat and fresh for the road ahead!
While there are so few solutions for matte care, you can be a bit more at ease knowing that BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray leaves a layer of protection behind. Whether its UV rays or just standard road grim, you can keep rolling on without worry.

SAFE! Developed to do no harm to sensitive matte surfaces!
Just as mentioned above, most quick detailers are loaded with gloss enhancers and polymer boosters. While that is a major benefit for standard clear coats, its not the ideal match for your matte paint. BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray will not clog the textured surface of your matte paint attempting to create a shine. BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is safe for every matte surface from wheels and paint, to vinyl decals and more!


*Can be used on any matte finish*

  • Spray BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray directly onto the surface to be detailed.
  • Using a clean microfiber buffing towel, gently buff the surface.
  • Flip the towel and buff away any excess product away.
  • Continue around the entire vehicle.

32 oz.

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