Blackfire 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard

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Safe, swirl-free wash!

The BLACKFIRE 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard® BLACK is the essential swirl prevention for any vehicle. This 5 gallon bucket includes a Grit Guard® Insert, which is proven to reduce the amount of grit that is transferred back to your vehicle from the wash water. The BLACKFIRE 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket is a great value for two essential wash accessories. The Grit Guard® is a raised grid surface that sits in the bottom of the included 5 gallon bucket. Simply fill the bucket with your favorite shampoo and water and place the Grit Guard® in the bottom. Load your mitt with soapy water and wash as usual. When you dunk the mitt back in the bucket, drag it across the grid to remove dirt that has accumulated in the nap. The dirt will fall between the slats and settle in the bottom of the bucket. Even though you agitate the top water every time you reload the mitt with soap, the Grit Guard® stabilizes the water in the bottom of the bucket so the dirt does not rise. The BLACKFIRE 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard® BLACK includes: One Grit Guard®
The Grit Guard® is the revolutionary insert that will keep your wash water clean! The Grit Guard® stabilizes the wash water and allows dirt and debris to settle to the bottom of the bucket where it cannot re-contaminate your wash mitts, sponges, or cloths. Finally, no swirls or scratches! BLACKFIRE's Premier 5 Gallon Bucket
This hefty bucket is perfect for washing your vehicle, boat, RV, or ATV. Since many premium shampoos, like BLACKFIRE Shampoo, require one ounce per 3-4 gallons of water, our customers need a larger bucket to get the proper ratio. This bucket is also perfect for transporting and organizing detailing tools. You can fit a lot of supplies in a 5 gallon bucket! The BLACKFIRE 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard® accommodates any size wash tool and holds enough soapy water to clean large vehicles, boats, and RVs. Use our Montana Original 10 inch Boar's Hair Wash Brush with Telescopic Handle to easily wash big trucks, SUVs and vans. To further protect your vehicle from wash-induced swirls, use a non-alkaline shampoo with adequate lubrication. BLACKFIRE Shampoo is a great option; it will not strip wax and it contains natural oils to lubricate and protect the paint. Make your Saturday car wash a safer, more beneficial experience for your vehicle. The BLACKFIRE 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard® BLACK helps prevent the transfer of dirt back to your vehicle to prevent swirls and create a smoother, cleaner vehicle. Each package contains:
Grit Guard® Insert
One BLACKFIRE 5 Gallon Wash Bucket
Available in red, black and clear.
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