Fabric Stain Removal Guide - Featuring BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner

Fabric Stain Removal Guide - Featuring BLACKFIRE Enzyme CleanerThe Solution to Unsightly Stains - BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner!
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 4-22-2020

Donít let unsightly stains diminish the appearance of your vehicle's interior finish. With the right tools you can conquer carpet and fabric stains, and weíll show you how!

Life has a habit of throwing problems at us every day. You may be late getting out the door for work or traffic might be slowing your commute, not to mention the car that just cut you off and sent your morning java flying; well, you may need to take a deep breath after that one. As the coffee begins to intertwine with your carpet, you may start to come to the realization that an ordinary carpet cleaner will struggle with a spill such as this. Coffee in particular, contains tannins which bond tightly to the surface making them difficult to remove.

Special stains call for a specialized cleaner. BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner utilizes a naturally derived formulation to target even the most daunting stains that your fabrics could come into contact with. BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner activates on contact to remove stains such as coffee, grease, oil, wine, vomit, blood, and even feces and urine. And weíll just hope you never have to clean up those last two!

To showcase the cleaning power of BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner, we found a neglected Hyundai Sonata that fit the bill. This interior contained a collection of stains that have been passed down from different owners.

Stage 1: Prep

As with most aspects of detailing, preparation is the key to success. Could you just go wild with some fabric cleaner? Sure. But, if you want to restore the appearance, youíll need to work smart.

Start by vacuuming the surface to remove any lose soil. For severely neglected or heavily soiled areas, use a carpet brush or a pet hairbrush to break loose as much contamination as possible. Once liquid cleaners are introduced, the natural pull of gravity will drag them deeper into the fabric making removal more difficult.

Stage 2: Liquid Cleaning

Now that we are prepped and ready, we can move on to the cleaning. BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner, which comes standard as a concentrate, can be mixed appropriately for the level of contamination. In most cases, the standard dilution of 1:8 will work perfectly.

NOTE: When working with any fabric, always test the product for color fasting on an inconspicuous area.

Once you have a ready-to-use bottle of BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner, liberally spray the area to be treated and allow the product to dwell for about 10-30 minutes. This dwell time is where the magic happens. The natural enzymes activate when they come into contact with the stain and break the bond with the fabric. You can literally watch BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner in action!

BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner will do the heavy lifting, however, more neglected stains may require some light agitation. More serious stains can also be treated with BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner at full strength. Just treat the area and use a damp microfiber towel to slow the evaporation process.

Using a clean microfiber, gently rub the stain to pull away any lifted contamination. Now switch to a fresh microfiber and start blotting away any excess product.

We donít know how long this stain was here, but BLACKFIRE Enzyme Cleaner easily removed this in just one treatment. Now, so we donít end up doing this again we are going to treat this seat with BLACKFIRE Fabric Guard. If youíre interested in learning the application process for this product, check out the dedicated Detailerís Reflection article linked below!

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