BLACKFIRE Coating Booster - 5 Gallon

Item Description:

Maximize the lifespan of your coating!

BLACKFIRE Coating Booster was developed to ensure the maximum longevity of your ceramic, quartz, or resin-based coating. BLACKFIRE Coating Booster is based on a pH neutral formula that will reinforce your coatings water sheeting and beading qualities while boosting the protection and durability.

Paint coatings are one of the strongest and longest lasting protection options available to us car care enthusiasts. Installing a paint coating is not exactly the fastest LSP you can put on your vehicle either, so why would you not properly maintain it? While the durability of a coating is measured in years, proper maintenance is what really makes that happen.

BLACKFIRE Coating Booster was made to expand upon, and maintain the qualities your coating was designed to do. Regardless of what coating you installed, BLACKFIRE Coating Booster will restore slickness and shine in one simple step.


  • Ensure the surface is clean and cool to the touch.
  • Spray BLACKFIRE Coating Booster directly onto the surface and spread over the surface using a soft microfiber towel or applicator.
  • Wipe surface until product disappears.
  • Flip to a clean side of your towel and buff off excess residue. Continue around the entirety of the vehicle.
  • Can be used on all coated surfaces including paint, wheels, and glass.

5 Gallon - 640 oz.

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