BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Bar - Aggressive - 1LB

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For contamination that won't let go!

BLACKFIRE Poly Clay – Aggressive removes the bonded contamination most other clays can't! BLACKFIRE Poly Clay – Aggressive was developed as an intensive option for neglected and heavily contaminated surfaces. Most clay on the market is designed to remove medium to light contamination with a minimal risk of marring. While this works in most situations, many others are left without a solution, until now. BLACKFIRE Poly Clay – Aggressive contains the power needed to break the bond severe paint contamination and provides you with a truly clean surface.

POWERFUL! Removes stubborn, deeply bonded contamination!
Some contamination calls for a stronger solution. Air pollution, rail dust, acid rain deposits, and other airborne contamination sticks to the paint surface and can't be removed with a traditional wash. BLACKFIRE Poly Clay – Aggressive is the stronger solution to remove heavy deposits of unwanted contamination.

ENHANCES! The clean surface left behind will create higher levels of gloss
A clean surface always produces a better shine! Once BLACKFIRE Poly Clay – Aggressive has removed embedded paint contamination, the cleaner surface will allow waxes, sealants and other protectants to form a stronger bond with the surface. This cleaner surface will also eliminate the chance of creating swirl marks during the polishing process. Any foreign contaminant in the polishing process will act as an abrasive, skewing the results.

PRESERVES! Removes bonded contamination that slowly degrades paint over time!
Not only does embedded paint contamination hinder your paints appearance, it also degrades the surface. As air pollution, rail dust, acid rain deposits and other airborne contaminates work their way into the surface of your paints finish, they slowly start eroding the integrity of the paint. This will eventually cause failure and pitting in your vehicles expensive finish.


  • Wash and dry vehicle.
  • Spray area to be clayed with BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant.
  • Gently rub clay bar back and forth across wet surface.
  • Clay will grab at first, continue moving the bar until it glides freely.
  • Wipe off clay reside.
  • Reshape bar often to reveal clean clay and keep clay well lubricated to avoid marring.


Spray clay bar with lubricant prior to storage in this container. Do not allow to freeze. Do not store in temperatures exceeding 200 degrees F. Discard if dropped on the ground.

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