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Battery Tender 25 ft. Extension Lead

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Item Description:

Extend the reach of your Battery Tender.

Plugs into Battery Tenders to increase range.

Works with any 12 volt Battery Tender.

25 foot length provides enough range for most garages.

The Battery Tender 25 ft. Extension Lead allows your car battery to be charged from almost anywhere in the garage. Use the 25 foot long lead extension with the Battery Tender Junior, Plus, 4, 5, or 10 Bank units. Now you no longer have to park your vehicle or motorcycle directly beside a wall outlet in order to charge the battery. The Battery Tender 25 ft. Extension Lead extends the reach of the Battery Tender battery charger to make battery charging more convenient.

This versatile extension lead works with any of the 12 volt Battery Tender Battery Chargers.

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Battery Tender 25 ft. Extension Lead