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For paint oh so great!

DP Paint Coating is a product that everyone can use to give their car a slick, high-gloss, protected shine. DP Paint Coating looks good, but also repels and sheets water. The ceramic based protection of DP Paint Coating will last you up to one year!

PROTECTION! No more staining thanks to its powers of water sheeting and its protection against UV rays.
With DP Paint Coating, your surface will be slippery enough to allow for the magic that is water sheeting and beading. DP Paint Coating also protects against harmful UV rays. These rays can cause the carís color to fade, making the car look older and worn out.

THE LOOK! Worthy of stares with its slick, high-gloss finish.
DP Paint Coating is a ceramic-based coating that will turn heads with its slick, high-gloss shine. A ceramic-based coating is a liquid polymer that once it is applied to the vehicle, it chemically bonds with the carís paint, creating a layer of protection. A ceramic-based coating makes the car easier to clean, protects it from oxidation, protects it from chemical stains and enhances gloss.

EASY-TO-USE! Though a paint coating may sound intimidating, this one is not.
This coating comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle, where all you have to do is spray the product onto the surface and work into the paint with an applicator until the product disappears. Once you can no longer see the productís remains on the surface, buff away to a dry finish.


*For best results, before the application of any paint coating, the vehicle should be washed, decontaminated (mechanically and chemically) and polished if necessary. The clearer the paint, the better DP Paint Coating will look*

  • Make sure you are working on a cool surface out of direct sunlight
  • Prep the surface using DP Coating Prep Polish or DP Coating Prep Spray (see bottle for instructions).
  • Spray DP Paint Coating directly onto the paint.
  • Spread evenly using a coating applicator.
  • Work into surface until the product disappears.
  • Use a clean microfiber towel to buff away excess.

4 oz.

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