American Detailers Garage Wipeout Hybrid Wash Rinseless Concentrate - 16 oz.

Item Description:

Eco friendly formula

Concentrated formula can be diluted down to fit your needs

Replaces multiple detailer products with just one bottle

Can be diluted down to a clay lubricant, glass cleaner, waterless wash, or a rinseless wash


American Detailer Garage Wipeout Hybrid Wash will wipeout the need for multiple products dwelling in your garage! Wipeout Hybrid Wash is an ecofriendly alternative to many similar products on the market due to its safe formulation and versatility. The gentle, yet effective formulation of Wipeout Hybrid Wash is safe for interior and exterior use and can tackle a myriad of cleaning task. To maximize the full potential of Wipeout Hybrid Wash, it can be diluted to fit the task at hand or the level of cleaning power desired.

Dilution Ratios:

  • Clay Lubricant 1:10
  • Glass Cleaner: 1:256
  • Waterless Wash 1:10
  • Rinseless Wash 1:384 or 1:256 or 1:128

16 oz.

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