American Detailer Garage Valor Synthetic Spray Sealant

Item Description:

Synthetic polymer-based spray protectant for advanced protection

Can be used as a drying aid, stand alone protectant, or a booster for existing protectant

High UV protection and incredible hydrophobic properties

Can be used in direct sunlight

American Detailer Garage Valor Spray Sealant embodies the spirit of true detailing passion. Valor Spray Sealant is a ready to use synthetic polymer spray sealant developed to be just as versatile as the detailer behind the bottle. Packed with UV protection and incredible hydrophobic properties, Valor Spray Sealant provides a simple and effective option for paint protection that last for up to 3 months. As far as versatility, Valor Spray Sealant can be used as a stand-alone sealant for high production detailing or just simple paint protection, a drying aid, or a booster for your existing paint protectant!

The power and versatility of Valor Spray Sealant shines so bright, it can be applied in direct sunlight!

16 oz.

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