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The detailing world has been all a-buzz about "euro" foam pads, and rightly so. The foam used is imported from Europe and was specifically designed years ago for use on automotive surfaces. Its design was driven by the OEM auto manufacturers who demanded highly durable foam pads that can quickly produce great results in the factory's intensive buffing environment where it is common to find dozens of buffing technicians working non-stop every day, all day long to perfect the fresh paint of hundreds of newly manufactured vehicles coming off the assembly line. Pad Options:
  • Blue Uro-Cell Heavy Cutting Pad: You will find that using the Blue pad brings out levels of performance of your favorite compound that you have not experienced before. As mentioned earlier, the closed-cell nature of this pad produces rapid surface cutting, producing consistent results quickly. (In fact, some technicians are reporting that with "diminishing compounds", the paint surface is sometimes ready for final waxing or sealing after one step!) Nonetheless, the Blue Uro-Cell pad is great for major paint defect remediation, including scratch reduction and removal of heavy oxidation. And if you find that the paint still needs a bit of shining up, switch to the Orange Uro-Cell pad and your favorite polish.
  • Orange Uro-Cell Polishing Pad:These pads are excellent for removal of minor paint defects like wash scratches, cob-webs, and light swirls. Or use with your favorite polish or swirl remover for standard polishing to bring out the shine of the paint after heavier compounding. The pad has excellent shape-retention during polishing, which helps to yield exceptionally consistent results across the polishing session.
  • Red Uro-Cell Finishing PadThese pads are made of dense finishing Euro foam that yields great chemical dispersion for even results. The pads have low "mechanical" ability, meaning they produce minimal action on the paint. Thus they are excellent for final finishing using finishing or swirl-removing polish, without worry of adding any swirls or orbital haze. They are also excellent for applying protective products like wax or sealant to the paint surface once the buffing and polishing steps are done.
  • Measurements:
  • Face Diamater: 6"
  • Hook & Loop Diamater: 5"
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Uro-Cell pads are NOT recommended to use with long-throw or long-stroke DAs. If this is the type of machine you prefer, Click HERE for more information about Uro-Tec Pads.
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