Lake Country Wool-Ball 5 Inch Polishing Ball

Lake Country Wool-Ball 5 Inch Polishing BallDiscontinued

The Lake Country Wool-Ball attaches to your drill to turn it into a serious polishing tool. The Lake Country Wool-Ball cleans and polishes between spokes, around wheel lips, into the barrel of the wheel, and into concave spots where regular polishing pads cannot. You can use the Lake Country Wool-Ball to polish metal, paint, fiberglass, gel coats, and composites.

Use the Lake Country Wool-Ball to remove moderate to severe paint defects from hard-to-reach areas. Combine with a medium to aggressive polishing compound, such as BLACKFIRE SRC Compound, to level scratches and restore gloss. You will need to follow up with a finer grade polish and pad for maximum benefit.

The Lake Country Wool-Ball also works great when polishing aluminum surfaces. Use with either BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Compound or BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish to restore faded, oxidized, or damaged aluminum finishes. The rugged 360 degree design allows your polish and correct areas that a normal pad cannot.

100% twisted wool gives the Lake Country Wool-Ball impressive polishing power and rugged construction. A durable rubber core and a carbon steel hex shaft keep mean the Wool-Ball is built to last. It is also extremely easy-to-use. Simply attach to a normal drill.

5 Inch Diameter