3M Mag & Aluminum Polish 10 oz.-39529

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Professional grade yet gentle enough for the finest metals.

Creates a blinding, chrome-like shine on aluminum and magnesium.

Removes light staining and oxidation to reveal a brilliant shine.

Protects the metal with a transparent film.

Aluminum and mag wheels are among the most rewarding restoration projects. With the right metal polish, aluminum and mag surfaces clean up beautifully. Use 3M Mag and Aluminum Polish to put a mirror shine on non-coated automotive metals. 3M Mag and Aluminum Polish is a professional grade metal polish formulated to remove stains and oxidation from non-coated aluminum and magnesium wheels. Restore dull, stained wheels and bumpers with 3M's powerful paste polish. Apply by hand or with a polishing tool to polish mag and aluminum surfaces to an eye-catching shine.

3M Mag and Aluminum Polish easily cuts through oxidation, stains, and brake dust residue on the surface of the metal to clean and brighten mag and aluminum. Erase water spots, aluminum oxide, and corrosion and polish wheels to a brilliant luster. All it takes is a little elbow grease and 3M Mag and Aluminum Polish.

3M Mag and Aluminum Polish will not scratch metal as it safely polishes away contamination. This metal polish is strong enough to clean and shine dull, oxidized metal, yet it's safe enough to use regularly to maintain a mirror finish.

10 oz.

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