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3M Perfect-It 3000 Machine Polish 32 oz. -06064

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Item Description:

Quickly eliminates compounding swirl marks, permanently!

Designed to eliminate compounding haze and marks quickly.

Creates a deep, near flawless finish on all paint systems.

Works quickly with easy clean-up.

3M Perfect-It 3000 Machine Polish is designed to remove haze and buffer swirl marks after heavy compounding. 3M Perfect-It 3000 Machine Polish also excels at reconditioning moderately swirled and dulled cured paint quickly. 3M Perfect-It 3000 Machine Polish works on all types of paint, including conventional clear coats and hard, scratch-resistant clear coats. This is a true polish that removes imperfections, rather than covering them. 3M Perfect Perfect-It 3000 Machine Polish contains no fillers or silicone. It is VOC compliant.

Some soft, fresh, or dark colored paints will benefit from a fine polish using 3M Perfect-It 3000 Ultrafine Machine Polish.

32 oz.

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3M Perfect-It 3000 Machine Polish 32 oz. -06064