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3M Perfect-It Show Car Liquid Wax 16 oz. -39026

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Item Description:

Paint protection you can depend on!

Protect your paint against UV radiation, moisture, and grime.

Creates a liquid wet, clear, reflective finish.

Synthetic polymers last for months and months.

3M Perfect-It Show Car Liquid Wax creates a slick, shiny finish built on 3M technology. This synthetic car wax goes on easily and produces a durable, high gloss finish on all types of paint. Use 3M Perfect-It Show Car Liquid Wax on like-new finishes or just-polished paint to seal in the shine. 3M Perfect-It Show Car Liquid Wax is paint protection technology at its best! The polymer finish deters the adhesion of dirt and grime, so the vehicle stays cleaner longer. Water beads on the wax surface, which prevents minerals from etching the paint underneath.

16 oz.

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3M Perfect-It Show Car Liquid Wax 16 oz. -39026