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3M Lens Polish & Protector -39010

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Item Description:

Use after 3M's Plastic Cleaner for the ultimate in plastic clarity.

Ultra fine plastic polish and sealant.

Creates a protective barrier that prevents clouding of plastic.

Keeps plastic in optimal condition.

3M Lens Polish & Protector is the best you can offer your plastics: Clean, maintain and perfect them with 3Mís plastic polish. This product was designed to tackle plastics that are scratched or stained, overly dirty, have grown cloudy or hazy, etc. Use 3M Plastic Cleaner prior to 3M Lens Polish & Protector(not essential, but recommended). Apply 3M Lens Polish & Protector to an applicator pad and rub into the affected area. Work into the plastic in circular motions, concentrating on the imperfection. Wipe away with a clean, dry cloth. Follow with another application if needed. Buff area to a restored beauty and shine! For hazy plastic headlight lenses, use the Plastic Cleaner, followed by the 3M Lens Polish & Protector with your Porter Cable buffer. The results? Renewed, restored, revived, sparkling headlights. 3M Lens Polish & Protector can stand alone as a cleaner/polish, but youíll arrive at maximum results when you pair it with 3M Plastic Cleaner. Itís a one-two punch of cleaning, polishing and shining that delivers fantastic end results!

8 oz.

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3M Lens Polish & Protector -39010