3M Vinyl Tape - 06405

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Mask intricate designs and sharp corners without the headache!

Extremely fine tape for masking areas with precision

Great for painting and polishing projects

Flexible design makes tight bends and sharp corners with ease

3M Vinyl Tape is a thin and flexible tape that allows you to mask off intricate shapes and tight corners completely. Traditional masking tape can create a migraine when trying to work around a tight bend. The inner edge will want to bunch up and the outer edge will pull away from the surface. Even after popping some Advil and getting a massage you will still have a corner that is barely protected. 3M Vinyl Tape solves this problem with a thin and flexible design that arcs around the tightest bends easily.

3M Vinyl Tape is extremely flexible so you can protect the most delicate areas without distortion. This tape is ideal for masking areas for detailed stripe painting or protecting surfaces when machine polishing. The uniquely constructed tape is vinyl backed for uniformity allowing you to create perfectly straight edges with little effort. The rubber-resin adhesive material stays where you put it, yet comes off easily so you do not have to fear lifting existing tape when you remove it. Protect your big project by going small with 3M Vinyl Tape - 06405

1/4 x 36 yards

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