3D Yellow Degreaser 106

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3D Yellow Degreaser 106 is a heavy-duty non-acidic cleaner that safely cleanses wheels, tires, wheel wells, and other extra-grimy areas around your vehicle. Featuring powerful cleaning agents, this unique formula combats the contaminants that cause pitting and staining over time, yet is gentle enough to use on all types of wheels.

3D Yellow Degreaser 106 helps you keep your wheel looking like new with each application! Your car's wheels are a big investment. Even if you're rolling on stock rims, that's certainly an upgrade from standard wheels with hubcaps. The point is, any true wheel is expensive to repair or replace, so it's important to take care of them starting on the first day you take ownership of them! 3D Yellow Degreaser 106 makes caring for any wheel easy and safe.

3D Yellow Degreaser 106 is perfect for use on ALL wheel types. This includes coated, chrome, painted, and even alloys. This 100% biodegradable formula goes to work fast, dissolving contaminants picked up from daily driving. After your wheels are clean, use 3D Yellow Degreaser 106 to clean the tires and wheel wells for a complete look. Since there are no harmful chemicals, 3D Yellow Degreaser 106 is safe to use, so you'll have clean wheels and tires without heavy odors and caustic chemicals!

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