3D Eraser Water Spot Remover

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Erase hard water spots before they have a chance to take up permanent residence!

Non-abrasive, no-drop formula


Works on paint, chrome, and glass

3D Water Spot Remover is a non-abrasive water spot remover designed to erase hard water stains before they can etch and further damage your paint. Designed for use on paint, glass, and chrome surfaces, 3D Water Spot Remover uses gentle yet effective ingredients that work to quickly break down hard minerals while also still being biodegradable and safe for both the user and the environment.

3D Water Spot Remover features:
• Viscous, No-Drip Formula – 3D Water Spot Remover features a thicker-than-average formula that clings to the surface to provide continuous action rather than dripping off the surface before being effective.

• Multi-Surface Use – Designed to be used on the three most popular exterior surfaces, paint, chrome, and glass, 3D Water Spot Remover’s cleaning formula is versatile and ideal for any detailing kit.

Directions for use:
• Do not use on hot surfaces.
• Spread a small amount of product onto a cool surface using a foam applicator.
• Rinse off immediately.
• For heavier contamination, a non-scratching sponge can be used on the surface.
• Do not leave on surfaces for more than 1 minute.

16 oz.

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