3D Trim Care Protectant

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Restore your black trim’s natural beauty!

Non-greasy finish

Easy application

Use on all exterior plastic

3D Trim Care Protectant is an exterior trim restoring and protecting product designed to bring back the natural look and feel of your plastic surfaces. Constant exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays can cause exterior trim to look faded and dull, regardless of how old it actually is. If your trim isn’t protected before exposure, restoring that look can be tedious – but not with 3D Trim Car Protectant! Restore your faded trim’s natural look and protect against harmful elements in the future with just one application!

3D Trim Care Protectant features:
• Specialized Conditioners – Featuring unique conditioners that penetrate deep into the plastic’s surface, 3D Trim Care Protectant will restore on a molecular level, ensuring it doesn’t just mask faded trim – it fixes it completely!

• Long-Lasting Results – By restoring the faded look of your trim and bumpers rather than just masking it, 3D Trim Care Protectant keeps your fresh results going much longer than other “restorative” products!

Directions for use:
• Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.
• Clean the area to be treated thoroughly.
• Apply a small amount of product onto a foam or microfiber applicator and spread evenly across the surface until your desired look is achieved.
• Remove excess using a clean microfiber towel.
• If the surface is particularly faded, allow your first application to sit for approximately 10 minutes and repeat with another layer.

16 oz.

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