3D Towel Kleen

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Effectively removes product from microfibers

Leaves behind a fresh lemon scent

Keeps your microfibers looking and feeling fresh as new

Price friendly to fit almost any budget

3D Towel Kleen provides an effective, budget-friendly option for deep cleaning microfiber tools and towels and restoring like-new look and feel so that they can be used again and again. This low-foaming formula knocks out residue left behind by waxes, polishes, compounds, and other detailing products that standard detergents can’t touch. 3D Towel Kleen prolongs the working life of your expensive microfiber detailing towels with each wash!

You’ve spent a lot of money building up your supply of high quality microfiber detailing towels, so you want to keep them in top condition. If you’re not using 3D Towel Kleen to wash them, you may have already noticed that their effective cleaning ability may be diminishing after each use, but don’t blame the towels! Microfiber is tough and versatile, it grabs dirt, grime, spent product, and anything else it comes in contact with off of your vehicle and holds it in its nap. If you’re not washing your microfiber products with a dedicated microfiber cleaner like 3D Towel Kleen, then you’re probably not getting all of that grime out!

3D Towel Kleen is designed to cut through grease, grime, and oils, dissolving them from your microfiber towels. It rinses away clean and leaves no residue behind – just a fresh lemon scent! Lesser detergents can’t do that, and cause streaking when the towel is reused. Keep your microfiber tools and towels in like-new condition by washing them with 3D Towel Kleen.

128 oz.

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Product Reviews

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23 Reviews
87% (20)
9% (2)
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4% (1)
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96% Recommend this product (22 of 23 responses)
By Luke
Mahtomedi , MN
Cleans better then other microfiber detergents but I have concerns
April 2, 2022
Using the appropriate amount of detergent I found it has better cleaning power then rags to riches…however I strongly encourage everyone to have their washer set on the extra rinse setting or u may notice a scent left behind in your towels which would also equate to a residue…but if u use extra rinse or run it again through wash with just water u will have no issues.
  • Cleaning power is great
  • off label uses u Can also use this on interior carpets with heavy dirt soiling or even grass stains!
  • I use this for my business because of how economical it is
  • Unless u use extra rinse or do another wash cycle with just water u will find a scent (meaning a reside) left behind
By Jeff
Boca Raton, Florida
Just about the best
July 4, 2021
It is tough to tell if this or R2R is the best for cleaning my microfiber. The price sends it over the edge.
  • Cleans as well as any MF cleaner
  • Gallon prices are actually reasonable.
  • No residue, leaves MF soft and clean.
  • Only comes in gallons. So for convenience, you have to keep an old bottle of something that pre measures to keep it in.
By Federico
Works well
February 27, 2021
Towels come of washer out fairly clean. It has good cleansing ability and is cheaper than other detergents on the market.
  • Affordable
  • Good cleaning ability
  • Hard to dispense without spilling
  • Lacks measuring cup
By Austin
Vancouver, WA
November 5, 2019
Honestly, this stuff is such a good value and is such an effective MF cleaner I'm going to say it's the greatest of all time. I switched over from Micro-restore and my towels are cleaner and softer since switching. I also use Towel Kleen as a pad cleaner when cleaning my buffing pads. It's a very good pad cleaner because it rinses out of the pads so well; I use 1oz of Towel Kleen in a 32oz bottle of water.
  • Price and it's very effective.
By Francis
Works amazing! Hey
October 2, 2019
Finally got me a gallon of this and love it i also use it on cleaning my pads !!
By kazper
Baltimore, MD
Not better than cheaper dye free, perfume free options
August 23, 2019
I have been using purex free and clear for my microfibers. Under $7 for 150 oz. I bought 3d towel kleen to see if the extra money was worth it. Verdict: no.

Towel kleen worked fine, but it wasn't able to remove more dirt. My towels were softer, but not by my much. There were a lot of suds, but the cleaning was nothing special. Probably the first and last time I'll buy it.

One note to 3d, make your bottle easier to pour. I ended up spilling quite a bit of product which is a waste of money. A simple spout would do wonders. I may end up switching it to an empty bottle of snuggle to improve the pouring situation.
  • Cheaper than other mf detergents
  • Lots of suds
  • Makes towels softer
  • Cleaning not improved over purex free and clear
  • Still expensive
  • Difficulty pouring from bottle
By Maynard
dedicated towel cleaner
August 8, 2019
good:) just looks like autofreeze
By Andrew
3d towel kleen
September 5, 2018
Cleans exceptionally well and is an excellent value compared to other microfiber cleaners on the marker.
By Rob
On my 2nd gallon
June 27, 2018
Woudn't detail without this. It does what it's supposed to do... cleans the towels and keeps them fluffy and feeling like new. Great value. Nothing more to say.
  • Value. Does it's job.
By Jason
Thorofare, NJ
Great Value
December 30, 2017
I would say this is a really good MF wash for a great price. Even in a large load I think 2 ounces is too much. This is not a low foam formula in a HE washer. I would use 1 ounce per load regardless of size and run a second rinse cycle. This stuff foams like a bubble bath. It did a really nice job towels came out clean and plush. Best value out there for a MF wash.
  • Great Value.
  • Cleans well.
  • Use 1 ounce regardless of size of wash load in a HE washer.
  • Low foam formula does not apply in HE washer.
  • Run 2nd rinse cycle is a must in HE washer.
By Jason
springfield, VA
Microfibers best buddy
October 9, 2017
Gentle yet tough on delicate microfiber towels. Gets most stains out if washed immediately after use. very concentrated - a little goes a long way. On my second gallon of this stuff and I see no need of switching to anything else. And of course, the price point is excellent.
By Tpr1634
South Jersey
Towel kleen
April 2, 2017
Not too much more I can really bring to the table but I would like to say for the money compared to other products it's a winner.
  • That's easy the price per ounce
  • Works......2 oz per load
  • Don't see any
By Morgan
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
December 4, 2016
Does a great job removing residue from products. Really extends the life of my microfiber towels
  • Only have to add 2oz per cycle
  • none
By Bill
Chattanooga, TN
Easy way to clean microfibers
August 31, 2016
Cleans microfiber really well!
  • Great product!
By Don
Williamson, NY
Really nice MF cleaner
August 22, 2016
I have used about every other MF cleaner out there. I do like the PBMG products and have not had any complaints about their products. Towel Kleen does it at a much less expensive price! This cleans well and smells nice. When the PBMG products are gone I will continue buying the 3D stuff instead.
  • Cleans well
  • Smells nice
  • Very inexpensive
By Mary B.
Burnsville MN
Towel very Klean
June 26, 2016
I`ve been using this for my brand new towels,
I like how thick it is and no scent. Gets my towels ready for thier work all Kleen & soft.
I`m using an old measuring dispenser bottle
For this product.
  • Cost for 128oz
  • Thick not runny
  • Works well
By Kerri
Great product
June 1, 2016
Does just what it says for clean soft microfiber cloths...
By Philip
San Diego, CA
Price is the best part
May 12, 2016
Seems to work well in general but my towels don't come out as soft as using the Wolfgang detergent. Use half the amount for HE machines.
  • Cheap
  • Effective
  • Not as good as Wolfgang's detergent
By Joe
Central, CT
Works as promised
December 9, 2015
I've used various microfiber towel detergents over the years, with some working better than others. After reading all the positive reviews on 3D Towel Clean I decided to give it a try. I'm very pleased with the results. It cleaned even my dirtiest towels and left them nice and soft. Plus, it's an excellent value compared to other detergents.
By Ken
Niagara Falls, NY
Best value out there
November 23, 2015
MF cleaners can be very expensive, but all seem to do the same thing. The premium you pay for a special cleaner does not yield premium results. 3D offers great value and this is no different. It will even remove caked on tire dirt from towels sitting for weeks at a time.
Glassboro, NJ
My New MF detergent
November 13, 2015
I have only ever used CG MF cleaner prior to this but tried this based on reviews and price. I had some towels that had a few black stains on them for a while now which I assumed were just permanent at this point. Just washed them with 2 oz of 3D and they came out brand new. I would recommend getting the pump dispenser autopia sells.
By Mark
Salem, UT
Superior Value in Towel Cleaners
August 22, 2015
Cleans as well as others I've tried at half the price.
  • Cost ratio
  • Cleans well
  • None
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Great cleaner & Cost Effective
August 10, 2015
I gave this a shot after some great reviews and I am glad I did. It cleans microfibers really well and it keeps them soft. It's such a cost effective product.
  • Ease of use
  • Cost effective
  • Very good cleaning power
  • None