3D Super Pre-Soak - 6 Gallon

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Item Description:

Highly concentrated

High pH formula with degreasing properties

Eliminates the need for those harsh washing techniques

Advanced pre-wash formula

Stripping Made Easy!

3D Super Pre-Soak is an advanced pre-wash formula designed to break down harsh contamination without the use of aggressive washing techniques. 3D Super Pre-Soak utilizes a high pH formula with degreasing properties to dissolve road film, dirt, and grime without the risk of dulling your paints finish. The highly concentrated, easy rinse formula is a wise choice for professionals looking to strip down daily drivers for a deep cleaning.

Every time you drive your car it’s attacked by an onslaught of contamination. By the end of just one work week, your car is caked! When the time comes to wash off that weeks’ worth of grime, it takes some serious agitation. Once you work through all that contamination you’ll see the aftermath, washing induced swirls and scratches.

3D Super Pre-Soak eliminates the need for those harsh washing techniques. Featuring a high pH level and built in degreaser properties, 3D Super Pre-Soak does the hard work for you! Once on the surface, 3D Super Pre-Soak clings on to dissolve contamination giving you the advantage of a less “hands on” style of wash. And of course, without the extra agitation, your paint can remain safe from any imperfections caused by aggressive washing techniques!

3D Super Pre-Soak packs some additional benefits. The high pH level of 3D Super Pre-Soak not only breaks down dirt and grime, but also strips off old waxes and sealants. Not only does this save you more time, but it saves in product as well! No longer will you need to have extra products on hand just to prep for a fresh detail! 3D Super Pre-Soak will become your go to product for those details that need a fresh, clean slate!

Dilution: 3D Super Pre-Soak can be diluted up to 1800:1 and dilution needs vary based on individual needs. Typical dilution needs will range between ½ oz. per 5 gallons of water and 1 oz. per 5 gallons of water.

6 Gallon - 768 oz.