3D Pink Car Soap

Item Description:

Safe and effective car wash soap that rinses clean!

High foaming formula

pH balanced and biodegradable

Highly concentrated

3D Pink Car Soap is a highly concentrated car wash shampoo that safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime away from the surface, so you can gently wipe it away. This high-foaming, concentrated formula is ideal for use in foam cannons and foam guns, creating mounds of foam with each pass of the lance. 3D Pink Car Soap contains no fillers or gloss enhancers, so it rinses easily leaving nothing behind but clean paint.

When prepping a car for a full paint correction, the surface needs to be clean. 3D Pink Car Soap is the perfect car wash shampoo to achieve an immaculately clean surface. The gentle yet effective pH balanced formula emulsifies tough grime, without causing damage to the surface, or your hands! Since it’s highly concentrated—just one ounce makes one gallon of wash solution—you’ll find that it is an excellent value too!

3D Pink Car Soap is an excellent choice for regular maintenance washes. Its biodegradable formula is gentle on paint, and the environment, so you can feel good about using it. The loads of foam that it produces will help keep you from imparting any wash-induced swirl marks or micro-marring.

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