3D Odor X 128 oz.

Item Description:

Fast-acting odor neutralizer and eliminator!

Enzyme-based formula eliminates odor causing bacteria

Clean, fresh scent

Doesn’t just mask malodors

3D Odor X is a fast and effective way to rid your car's interior of stinky malodors by eliminating the odor-causing bacteria left behind from spills and other messes. Instead of just masking these odors with a strong scent, 3D Odor uses an enzyme-based formula to digest and fully remove the smelly particles. All you're left with is a clean, fresh scent!

3D Odor X features:
• Strong Odor-Eliminating Action - 3D Odor X will remove the bad smells left from smoke, vomit, urine, feces, food, drinks, and other filth with ease. Perfect for use on in your vehicle, boat, RV, or home!

• Enzyme-Based Formula - Unlike many other air fresheners, 3D Odor X will not just cover up the bad smells (and really, those other products barely even do that – sometimes you're just left with a cherry-scented garbage smell!), it uses specialized enzymes that “digest” the bacteria that causes bad smells for complete removal!

Directions for use:
• Spray 3D Odor X liberally onto the surfaces of your interior. Apply 3D Odor X even more heavily to areas that are especially filthy.
• Allow to dry completely.
• Repeat as necessary.

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