3D Air Fresheners - Lemon Scent 128 oz.

Item Description:

Spruce your cars interior with a long-lasting scent!

Multiple scent's available!

Long-lasting formula

Environmentally friendly

3D Air Fresheners, formulated with chemicals that do not harm the environment (or your car's interior for that matter!) are long-lasting and will provide a fresh, clean scent to your car's interior. Thanks to the daily use, your car's interior may not smell as "new" as it did on day one especially if you are buying used. Old fast food, spilled drinks, cigarettes, and even smelly gym gear can cause unpleasant odors in your car - nothing something you want to spend a lot of time in! Thankfully, 3D Air Fresheners will quickly eliminate those odors and leave you with a fresh, clean scent - whichever you choose!

Available scents:
New Car
Pina Colada

Directions for use:
Mist area and repeat as often as you want you can always have a nice-smelling interior with 3D Air Fresheners!

128 oz.

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