3D Instant Shine

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Spray-on plastic & vinyl coating!

Renews plastic for a like-new finish

High gloss coating

Spray-on, walk-away – no wiping required!

3D Instant Shine is a spray-on, walk-away aerosol formula that will delivery a quick layer of gloss and shine to exterior plastic and vinyl surfaces. Perfect for those hard to reach areas, 3D Instant Shine uses an aerosol mister for even application with little overspray. 3D Instant Shine is long-lasting and provides a high gloss – instantly!

3D Instant Shine features:
Quick-Dry Formula
– 3D Instant Shine features a quick drying formula that allows you to simply spray a layer on and walk away – no spreading, wiping, buffing, or drying required from you!

– 3D Instant Shine is manufactured without the use of water and other surfactants – this means it won’t run off at the first sign of moisture. 3D Instant Shine is long-lasting and durable!

Use 3D Instant Shine on:
Vinyl pieces
Wheel wells
Mud flaps
Engine compartments
And more!

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. Do not apply on rubber surfaces
Clean and dry surface before application. Spray 3D Instant Shine directly onto the surface from about a foot away.
Ensure you are applying a thin, even layer for best results.

12 oz. Can

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