3D Grand Slam

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Heavy duty degreaser for all your greasy needs!

Fast-acting formula starts to work instantly


Use on engine bays, heavy machinery, and even floors!

3D Grand Slam is a “home-run” when it comes to grease removal. Formulated using some of the most advanced cleaners on the market today, 3D Grand Slam is professional grade and will remove grime, oil, grease, mud, and other “gunk” in minutes. Simply dilute to your specifications, spray onto the greased surface and watch as 3D Grand Slam starts to work almost instantly! In no time at all, your heavily contaminated surfaces will be like new!

3D Grand Slam features:
• Paint Safe – Unlike other heavy duty cleaners and degreasers, 3D Grand Slam will not cause harm to painted surfaces. In fact, 3D Grand Slam can be used to remove rubber on paint as well as metal surfaces!

• Highly Concentrated – 3D Grand Slam is heavily concentrated and allows you to customize each mixture to your needs. Depending on the ratio you need, a gallon of 3D Grand Slam can last years!

Dilution Ratios:
• 1:4 for heavy duty applications
• 1:10 for medium duty applications
• 1:20 for light duty applications

Directions for use:
• After diluting accordingly, spray solution directly onto the surface to be treated, being sure to avoid any hot aluminum, magnesium, or painted surfaces.
• Depending on application, allow to dwell for approximately 1-2 minutes before rinsing away.

128 oz.

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