3D Cherry Wax 16 oz.

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Item Description:

The “cherry” on top of a freshly detailed car!

Ideal for use on dark colored vehicles

Fresh cherry scent

Provides both a high-gloss and protection

3D Cherry Wax is a liquid carnauba wax infused with cherry smell-good and advanced polymers for both a pleasant detailing experience as well as high levels of gloss on your painted surfaces. Designed to be used on dark colored vehicles, the 3D Cherry Wax is easy to apply and provides protection against the assault of daily life – dust, dirt, water, and other contaminants just won’t be able to stick with the 3D Cherry Wax!

3D Cherry Wax features:

Wet-look Finish – The deep gloss imparted by an application of 3D Cherry Wax provides a “wet” look, especially on dark colored vehicles. By also providing hydrophobic properties, 3D Cherry Wax ensures that the “wet” look is just that – a look!

Carnauba Blend – By combining high-quality Brazilian Carnauba with technologically advanced polymers, the 3D Cherry Wax is the best of both car wax worlds!

Directions for use:
• Thoroughly wash and dry vehicle before starting application. Shake well before use and do not apply onto hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.
• Apply a small amount of 3D Cherry Wax onto a foam applicator and apply to the surface using a back-and-forth motion. Apply to one section at a time until the whole vehicle is coated.
• Allow to dry to a haze.
• Using a clean and dry microfiber buffing towel, buff away the haze to reveal your new, cherry-scented shine!

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